Our Story, from Road and Runways to the Internet

Our Mission

Enable every organization to optimize its way to sucess.

Our Promise

Offer the most smooth and powerful products helping an organization streamline its processes, find optimization possibility and reach new levels of efficiency.

bMoves, the geo-tracked business management solution

Designed with the highest safety standard and hosted on our modern and secured servers, bMoves is the state-of-the-art software solution to empower you to optimize your way to success. Log your interventions, geo-track every activity you do, connect a vehicle to collect its data, visualize everything your team do, live and past, as well as manage your platform to tailor it to you needs.


Bringing airport-grade services to the world

When a customer asked us for a solution to manage more efficiently his business, our engineers designed a software to facilitate their work. Building on that early experience, we started working on bringing this software to the world. To best serve you, we evolved this software in a complete service featuring both our most usefull software and hardware.
There is no reason for an organization to limit its high expectations, that is why we are commited to bring to all of our customer the best tools to optimize their way to success with bMoves. The challenge of tailoring bMoves to any organization meant we have to be clever and adapt ourself to you. 

Boschung, world leader in Surface Condition Management

Founded in 1947 by Marcel Boschung in his garage, the group has grown from building multi-purpose vehicles to the world leading company for Surface Condition Management. With offices in 11 countries and headquarters in Switzerland, Boschung developped preferred partnerships with the world's largest airport, busiest highways and most visited cities and municipalities. Thanks to those partnerships, both our hardware and software offers the highest level of security, robustness and quality. Anticipating the needs for digitization, we invested in creating a centralised system to display, manage and monitor our customers' vehicles, weather stations and equipments. Our commitment to servicing quality to our customer empower us to keep our technology to the highest standard.