bMoves for the Pluming Industry

bMoves for the Pluming Industry

We all know the struggle of having to report quickly and accurately field activities. It makes billing problematic because you have to go after the information, get everything together and spend time documenting everything in your bills. That's why we develop bMoves, not only can you seamlessly document all your plumbing activities on the site, you can also generate bills with one single click. Thanks to bMoves you focus on your plumbing work, we focus on delivering and processing the information!

Thanks to bMoves, you can record all your Plumbing activities. With bMoves, you can easily document everything you do on the field with activities, notes or forms. Let’s have a look at how it works. 

  • Start intervention with a single click on your smartphone.
  • Automatically record your travel times.
  • Document your plumbing work and material consumption.
  • Snap pictures or videos to highlight problems.
  • Fill in custom-built forms to report information about the customer and work performed.
  • Generate bills ready to be shared with your customers or generate internal reports.
Because bMoves offers you a single monitoring platform, you can monitor all your plumbers at a glance empowering your decision-making process.


By using bMoves, you stay on top of your plumbing business. Not only can you get an overview of where your plumbers are and what they are doing for quick dispatching, but you can also analyze their work in full detail.

Even better, your plumbers use bMoves to document their intervention at a customer's place. Based on the work they report and complemented by bMoves, you gain extensive knowledge of what is happening. And after the intervention, you can generate the bill with one single click!

Even better, bMoves can be integrated with any third-party tool.

bMoves app - Dashboard

How to do it?

  1. Create a free bMoves account
  2. Enter your vehicles and heavy equipment (e.g. for pipe laying equipment) in the system.
  3. Assign measurements for each piece of equipment. Measurements are everything you measure with this equipment.
  4. Create categories of activities such as "Inspection", "Preparation", "On-site work" or "Administration" to organize your activities.
  5. Create activities in those categories. You can go with as many details as you need. For example, create activities like "Obstruction clearing" or "Repair" in the "On-site work" category.
  6. Create your inspection form. For example, use field templates to know if a repair is necessary, the date of the next intervention and the estimated costs.
  7. Create forms for all the information you want your plumber to report.
  8. Assign each form to an activity.
  9. Train your users with our free courses
  10. Start recording your activities.
Visualization in bVision of an intervention from a plumber

What do you need

You can start implementing bMoves in your organization for free. Once you are ready to go live, you need the following:

  • bMoves Advanced or Pro subscription.
  • ConnectHub for automatic vehicle data acquisition
  • Platform management and creation (option) to have our team manage everything for you.
  • ERP integration (option) to integrate bMoves with any third-party tool.