Double your efficency by optimising your business with bMoves

bMoves - The smart way to manage your field activities

Log everything your team is doing

Geo-position everything

Every manager have experienced the nightmare of having to ask where and when a problem occured. Thanks to bMoves, this is a thing of the past. With our industry-proven geo-positioning technology, every activity you do is precisely placed on the map. Even better, geo-positioning is done automatically by us. We can even name the exact road you are on, its type and much more. 

Track activities

Register all you do directly within our app. Thanks to our clear-cut mobile app interface, registering activities has never been more simple. With activities tailored to your needs, bMoves enpowers you to know everything your organization is doing. 


Fill in work reports

We know how it is. When we have to fill in a work report at the end of the day, we all postpone the task. That's why we have integrated an in-app native work reports tools so that you can simply fill-in custom reports directly on site. With bMoves, nobody has to wait on reports. Creating, sharing and analysing them has never been more simple.


Record notes

You discovered something strange while on your tour? The bMoves app offers you a native feature to takes notes. Picture, video, text or audio are easily taken and automatically positioned in the correct location enabling prompt actions. 

Visualize your team's activity

Visualising Data and Insights

Our industry-proven visualization tool enables you to gain valuable insights on what is currently happening in your organization. Built with years of experience in visualizing field activities, our web-based and mobile tools enables you to know everything there is about your team's current work.


Up to 10 years in the past

With our streamlined historical view, you can replay any situation. A customer is giving you an hard time with something that happened years in the past? Just navigate through time and replay the situation. Available with up to 10 years of history, bMoves enables you to stay on top of your game for years to come.


View Interventions directly on your smartphone

You are always on the road, but you still want to stay on top of what's happening? We have you covered. Thanks to our state-of-the-art mobile visualization application,nothing will pass you by.


Supercharge your bMoves with automatic vehicle insight

Get insights from your vehicles

With more than 70 years of experience in the vehicle's industry, we know plenty. That's why we created the ConnectHub and ConnectHub GEO. This piece of hardware enables you to get plently of insights from your vehicle! And the process is simple, install the hardware in your vehicle, configure any equipment you use and our system will automatically pull data and integrate this to your bMoves' interventions.


Precise geo-positioning

Enabling geo-positioning on smartphones can be problematic. It drains a lot of battery and it's not always precise. But we have you covered. On top of pulling data from your vehicle, the ConnectHub GEO offers you precise geo-positioning through GPS, GLONASS and Galileo networks.

Compatbile with all vehicles

Thanks to our custom made hardware and software, you can integrate your ConnectHub or ConnectHub GEO to any vehicle, from your personnal car, to your mower, truck or excavator. Our courses will get you step-by-step through the process of integrating it with any vehicle.


Perfect for winter services vehicles

The ConnectHub and the ConnectHub GEO are perfect to get the most data out of your spreader and other winter services' vehicles. Select the manufacturer of your spreader, plug your ConnectHub, we will pull all data automatically.

Manage your organization

Tailor bMoves to your needs

For us, every customer is special. So we built bMoves to adapt itself to your needs. Everything you create in bMoves, from activities to reports or equipments you can customize to your needs. This enables you to get the most out of bMoves. Rest assure, we are here for you and our courses will help you getting started.


Administrate your platfrom

With our administration tool, you can manage your bMoves platform. Create new users, give them specific rights, integrate vehicles, manage your operators, create activities, template reports and much more are available to you within your bMoves.


Control your subscription

We know life is not always straightforward, but bMoves is commited to help you thrive. Along bMoves' tools to help you save money, we built a tool to control your subscription. At any time, you can subscribe to new services or upgrade your account.

Reporting for all of your activities

Generate reports for one or several intervention

Invoicing customers, informing stakeholders or just for your archives, bMoves make reporting simple. Our reporting tool enables you to generate exactly the report you need. With our industry-proven technology, you can generate report for only one intervention or aggregate data from several interventions.


Customize your reports

Our flexible reporting tool enable you to customize reports according to your needs. You just have to import an Excel template once. The reporting engine will do the work for you. Rest assure, for people that are not very proficient with Excel we have courses to help you start. 


Share templates with the community

To help you create reports, our community uploads template on a regular basis. Make sure to download the reports uploaded by the community, you'll surely find one that suits your needs. You can also upload your template to help the community in return.

Third-party system integration

If you want to export data from your ERP or import data from any system, our technology is ready for you. Contact our sales team to organise the automatic import or export to your system.